We all have that special shoe that has that magical ability to boost our confidence and make us feel like an every-day princess. But why settle for one special shoe when you can have a range of flats and high-end heels to cherish and adore. Ignite that spark within by borrowing a page from Hissa Haddad’s beautiful imagination and creativity. Hissa Haddad single-handedly started a head on revolution with the age old motto all women are brought up with -“Fashion before comfort”- to it now being, fashion and comfort. Using the finest leathers, softest satins, glittering gems and prettiest pearls, these timeless pieces have been handmade with love and care, without comprising on elegance, sophistication and, probably most important of all, comfort. Slip on these set of clouds and fly through your day with ease and finesse. Welcome to what you didn’t know you were waiting for till just this very moment…statement and comfort.


07 / Jawahir Pear
09 / Luluah Pear
11 / Lalee Navette
13 / Marjana Navette

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